Jesus Loves You
"Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those are like these children"
  The purpose of this Web site is to Glorify God and His Son who gave his life for us so we might be saved.

This website is a place for Christians children and non-Christians children to learn more about Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him. The main focus of the website is for a child to have information regarding how to start a saving relationship with Christ with or without help from their parent and how to maintain that relationship and how to grow in that relationship.  It includes everything from doctrine to daily living.  You can find Biblically based answers to questions you may have about being a Christ follower.  You can find links to other websites that provide additional information.  It is our prayer that anyone who comes to this website will come to a saving faith relationship with Jesus Christ by making Him both Lord and Savior of your life.This site is always changing improving and adding new information , please come back often.